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 For comments, suggestions and to report errors or hazards

We will be very glad to have comments or suggestions about this site on the form below, and especially to hear from some of the many people both in the United Kingdom and in countries around the world who make use of it. We would be very interested to know what country, or what part of the United Kingdom, you are writing from.

If you find a link anywhere on this site that does not work it will be really helpful to us if you tell us about it so that we can correct it, and we will always acknowledge your help. Or if you see anything on Bruton station you consider dangerous, please point it out to us. Only put in your name if you want to, but we would need your e-mail address so that we can reply. When you have completed the form please click on Submit at the bottom of the form, and it will automatically come to us.

Please note: this is NOT an enquiry service, and questions and complaints about rail services should be addressed to the relevant company. This service is run by volunteers so you may not get an immediate response.

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