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For Bruton click on the town’s website for a wealth of information about the town. The Heart of Wessex Line Guide (on line version) has more too. - For Bruton bus timetables click here.

Visiting Bruton for the first time and not being met? Click here to see a map of the town that you can print out, with directions from the station. For a satellite view of the town click here.

Hauser and Wirth Somerset’s international art centre and gallery is at Durslade Farm, 10-12 minutes’ walk from the station. For details see their website.

Do you live at the east end of Bruton, Bruelands, Brue Avenue, Burrowfield, Eastfield or Cuckoo Hill? You probably know the short cut for walking to the station by Darkey Lane, not too bad in dry weather but most of the time pretty muddy! Coming to the station this way you must go into the station at the finger sign by the steel gate, and not go on through to the car park by the strictly private drive! If you are leaving the station, go to the far end of Platform 1, the opposite end from the car park; turn left at the end of the platform and you’ll see the steel gate ahead of you, then turn right and go on down the hill, over the bridge and up the grassy lane, called Darkey Lane, to the Brewham road. Most of the town is now on your left, but for  Brue Avenue, Eastfield and Cuckoo Hill cross the road and go into Brue Close and on up the hill.

Today’s weather at Bruton (and 5-day forecast), with acknowledgements to the BBC; river levels at Bruton Town* and  Bruton Dam** (scroll down to see the graphs), with acknowledgements to the Environment Agency South West. You will find even easier access to these sites at the extreme top right hand corner of the Home page, clicking on any of the four sets of initials you’ll see there.  

* beside Bruton Surgery  ** at the Flood Mitigation dam site a mile upstream from the town

For Castle Cary click on the town’s website. Amongst much other information it has a fine map of the town, showing the path from the station to the town. The Heart of Wessex Line Guide (on line version) has more too. For a satellite view of the town click here.

For Gillingham click on the town council’s website. There is not a general website for the town at present, which is a pity. You may wonder why we have to say Gillingham (Dorset). This is to distinguish it from Gillingham in Kent; that town’s name name is pronounced with a soft G and sounds like Jillingham. Booking a ticket to our Gillingham, be careful to say Gillingham (Dorset) to avoid BIG misunderstandings, as the other one is about 150 miles away! For a satellite view of the town click here.

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