Walking Directions

Walking directions for Bruton Town

Bruton town centre is 10 minutes’ walk from the station exit: turn left out of the station and go down the hill, turn right at the end of Station Approach and keep on round the corner past St Mary’s  Church (1) to Church Bridge (2) on the right. Across the bridge are a convenience store which also contains the post office and a sign to the Surgery (3) on Patwell Lane.

The short hill up Patwell Street brings you to the High Street, with the Pharmacy (4) opposite you. Turn left, and further along are the Community Office (5) (open most weekday mornings, with toilets and tourist information) and Bruton’s notable Museum. Along the High Street and as far as Legg’s Bridge (6) are independent shops, antique shops and galleries, a butcher,  convenience stores, pubs, quality restaurants and a café.The seventeenth-century Hugh Sexey’s Hospital (7), a residential almshouse, is further along the High Street,about 15 minutes’ walk from the station.

Mill on the Brue outdoor activity centre and the Longhouse, a notable venue for events (8) are 20-25 minutes' walk from the station: cross Church Bridge and follow the sign pointing to Riverside Walk (9); pass the end of the Packhorse Bridge (10) and continue along Lower Backway; follow this for 5 minutes and after the end of the long stone wall on the left take the clearly marked footpath on the left; cross the wooden bridge and keep along beside the river; at the main road turn right across Legg’s Bridge (6), pass the petrol station and turn left up Tower Hill.

Historic Gants Mill* is 30-40 minutes’ walk from the station, via Gants Mill Lane, a right turn off Cole Road (11), at the bottom left of the map. The Mill’s turbines supply electricity to the National Grid.

Hauser and Wirth Somersets well-known gallery (12) is at Durslade Farm on Dropping Lane, 12-15 minutes’ walk from the station. Turn left out of the station; at the bottom of Station Approach turn left again; just before the railway bridge cross the road taking great care and go under the bridge. Next on the right is a public footpath through a field. Take this up the grassy slope, with the wall on your left; go through gates either side to cross a driveway, go on through the community garden and then cross the road into the Durslade grounds, again taking great care.

Near the station, before the road curves left below the church, there is a coffee outlet and a bit further on, next to the car park, a cheese shop.

If you want to get to the east side of Bruton there is a much shorter way by the footpath marked on the map at the far end of Platform 1 (16), taking you down to a bridge across the River Brue and then by the (sometimes muddy) Darkey Lane to the Brewham road; cross this and go up Brue Close, leading into  Brue Avenue, which leads up to Eastfield, Burrowfield and Cuckoo Hill.

Buses stop at the points marked x; there are services to Wincanton, Street and Glastonbury several times a day. (Bus timetables are on the station web site and are easily printed out, Page 3 shows just the buses from Bruton to Castle Cary station). A public telephone is at the far end of the High Street (13).  

SCHOOLS: King’s School (14) is just beyond the church, on both sides of the road. For Sexey’s School* (about 20 minutes’ walk from the station) go past King’s School, turn left at the T-junction beside Legg’s Bridge (6) and go under the railway bridge; the school is on the right along Cole Road (11), a little way after the end of Gants Mill Lane. Bruton School for Girls* (Sunny Hill) is another 15 minutes beyond Sexey’s School, also on the right, again on the main road all the way.

If you are going to Sexey’s School or Sunny Hill carrying heavy gear an easier route, avoiding the hill beyond King’s School, is to cross Church Bridge and follow the Riverside Walk (9), past the end of the Packhorse Bridge (10) and continue along Lower Backway; follow this for 5 minutes and after the end of the long stone wall take the footpath on the left; cross the wooden bridge and keep to the right on the path beside the river (9 again) to West End, then turn left, go under the railway bridge and along Cole Road. Bruton Primary School* (15)  is on Higher Backway, just behind the High Street to the north.

* denotes places beyond the edge of the map

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