Booking bicyles on trains

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Bicycles on GWR Trains

1. Bicycles on High Speed Trains

High Speed Trains (HSTs) are the usual main line trains on Great Western services, with an engine at each end and eight carriages. All the trains on London Paddington to Exeter and Plymouth services are like this.

If you want to take your bike on one of these trains you MUST book in advance.

Reservations are free but MUST be made by 18:00 the day before travel, by phone (0345 7000 125) or at a station when booking a ticket.

Reservations can also be made after the ticket is purchased, by phone or at a ticket office. This should be done by 18:00 the day before travel, although they can take bookings on some services until 2 hours before travel.

When you get on the train, bike storage is in Carriage A, which will be the first or last carriage; secure your bike with the strap provided, but don’t lock it up; tell the train manager your destination and remind them when your stop is coming up and they’ll make sure you can leave the train safely.

The train company will compensate customers if they do not provide the booked space.

The company would like to encourage pre-booking as much as possible, but they understand that there will be times when booking has not been possible and there is space available on board. Station staff have been briefed to allow bikes on board if this is the case.

More information, and the cycle policy booklet, are available on the company’s website; You might also find copies of this booklet in the waiting room at Castle Cary station, or at the Community Office on Bruton High Street.

Hint: It could help if you print this out if you are taking your bke on the train..

2. Bicycles on local services,

such as the Bristol - Weymouth  (Heart of Wessex) line

There is no change to these local services, and no limit to the number of folding bikes carried, because these can be stored in the luggage racks. GWR are installing Brompton Docks at more of their stations, so that customers can hire a folding bike. They are also putting in more bike racks at some stations for customers who do not want to take their bike on board.

More information and the cycle policy booklet are available on our website:

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