About Bristol-Weymouth Trains

Intermediate stations not shown on Bristol to Weymouth page:

Keynsham is 8 minutes from Bristol, Oldfield Park another 7; Freshford is 9 minutes on from Bath, Avoncliff another 2, Bradford-on-Avon 4 more and Trowbridge 6 more;  Frome 10 minutes after Westbury. Castle Cary is 5 minutes after Bruton; Thornford* 5 minutes after Yeovil, then Yetminster*  3 more, Chetnole* 4 more and Maiden Newton 12 more again; Upwey is 8 minutes on from Dorchester West. Click here to get back to that page.

Intermediate stations not shown on Weymouth to Bristol page:

Dorchester West is about 13 minutes after Weymouth, Maiden Newton another 12, Chetnole* 8 more, Yetminster* 4 more, Thornford* 3 more; Castle Cary is 15 minutes on from Yeovil; Frome is 12 on from Bruton, Westbury another 10. (Some trains stop for 10 minutes or so at Westbury.) Trowbridge is 6 minutes  from Westbury, Bradford-on-Avon  6 more, Avoncliff 3 more and Freshford 3 more again. Oldfield Park is 3 minutes after Bath, and Keynsham 7 more.  Click here to get back to that page.

Request stops are shown with * above. If you want to get off at one of them, tell the Conductor in good time; if you are on the platform and want to get on, wave to the Driver when you can clearly see the front of the train approaching. Otherwise the train will not stop at these places.

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To check if your train will be on time, click here and scroll on well down to Departures and arrivals; next, click on the big green bar, and then on Depatures or Arrivals, whichever of these you want, and you will see the scheduled times of the next two or three trains.  Now click on the little down arrow on the left for the train you want, and you’ll be able to see where it is now and its expected arrival time; the last station it has reached will be marked with a ring. This table doesn’t update itself so you have to double click the same little down arrow again to see any further progress.

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