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Journey planning                                     Booking to take your bike on the train

      South Western Railway    National Rail Enquiries                 Click here


Buying tickets on line

      Great Western Railway   South Western Railway    National Rail Enquiries

Getting to Airports

     There are no separate airport links running just now for Great Western or South Western Trains;  please see the Airports section of the ‘About rail links with the rest of the country’ page.

Getting around London London Underground (‘TheTube’ or ‘The Subway’)   London buses     What is Crossrail ?

Rail Cards Click here

Layout and facilities of local stations                         

Also engineering works and service alterations affecting services from them. Just click on the one you want: Bruton, Castle Cary,  and scroll down to explore the information available.

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Local heritage railways : East Somerset | West Somerset | Gartell | Swanage

Forthcoming Steam Train events                              

Wondering about going there by car after all?  Check traffic flow and roadworks .

Why not just walk? Try this one or see the current Wessex Wanderer program for guided walks from stations along the Heart of Wessex Line

Is there a thunderstorm coming this way? Check here, and make sure your computer is safe.

Second thoughts? Or is it third or fourth thoughts by now?: Weekend in Paris? Week in the South of France? Even further afield ... ?  Or ... ??  Try our Lucky Dip!!            

Eurostar (for Avignon and Marseille DIRECT scroll down to p 5);  DB;  Irish Rail;  Netherlands Railways; Spanish Rail Service;      Trenitalia;      Europe by Train;       Russian trains;     Trans-Siberian Railway; USA Cross-Country by Train;   Rocky Mountaineer; Rail-Australia; New Zealand Rail Travel; Mumbai to Delhi; Singapore-Bangkok; Beijing-Shanghai (even see the Beijing Underground map!); Shinkansen; or even further!!

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